• Paper Converter
  • Paperboard Converting
  • Precision Sheeting

  • Rewinding Services
  • Rotary Die Cutting
Serving Companies in North America

Paper Converting Equipment Specifications & Capabilities

Alpha-Prime, Inc. is capable of converting paper from 15# paper stock to .250 paperboard. (For specific equipment paper ranges, see below.) Alpha-Prime operates sheeters, trimmers, die cutters, rewinders and a packaging line.

  • Paper Sheeting

    A person working on a paper sheeting machine with a stack of paper
    • Paperboard to 80" (W) x 200" (L)
    • All grades up to .056 paperboard
    • Inline Perforating
    • Inline Scoring
    • Embossing-Roll to sheet embossing inline with sheeter (Linen Pattern)

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    • Rotary Die Cutting

      Metal rollers on a rotary die cutting machine
      • Die cutting up to 80" x 65"
      • Able to make the dies for your needs
      • Able to run multiple substrates
    • Paper Trimming

      A person working on a table near a paper trimming machine

      All trimmers are computerized, enabling programmed cuts for accuracy, speed and repeatability.

      • Auto stacking capability
      • No minimum size
      • Maximum width 75"
      • Tolerances +/- .010"
    • Flatbed Die Cutting

      A flatbed die cutting machine with the words Herman-Schwabe Inc on the front of it
      • Maximum size 36" x 30"
      • 30 ton die press
      • Alpha-Prime will use your die or have one made for your job
    • Slitting & Rewinding

      A large roll of paper surrounded be smaller wrapped rolls of paper by the slitting and rewinding machine
      • Rewinding
        • 75" wide
        • 80" unwind
        • 40" rewind
      • Score cut slitting
    • Packaging

      The packaging line with a conveyor and tables in front of a brick wall
      • Boxing
      • Automatic Gluer
      • Shrink Wrapping
      • Automatic L-Sealer
    • Other Capabilities

      Rolls of paper wrapped in brown stored in a warehouse
      • Automatic palletizer
      • Roll Header Cutting
      • Pallet Building
      • 20,000 lb. pallet compression unit
      • Stretch and/or Kraft wrapping of finished pallets
      • Easel Pad Stapling